Tick Fever

Ticks are small visible parasites which invest animals and humans to suck blood .They cause irritations and infections , when attaching to their hosts , but can also transfer diseases .

Tick Fever ( Tick born disease ) is the name for these  different diseases  .It is important to realize that not only your dog or cat but also humans can be infected through contact with the ticks. In the Marbella region  the tick fevers most present are Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasma. Lyme disease and Babesiosis we see less frequently.

These tick fevers cause symptoms like fever, lethargy , joint pains, enlarged lymph nodes and in chronic phase all kind of wasting symptoms , ( nose ) bleeding’s and death . In general the Tick Fevers can be treated effectively when diagnosed and treated in an early stage , but treatment becomes more difficult , even ineffective , when time passes and the disease becomes chronic . Some breeds like the German Shepherd are particularly sensitive for the diseases and need prolonged and more intensive therapy.

Ticks invest their hosts in bushes and long grass and are present all year round.

Prevention should therefore start with avoiding these areas , especially when the presence of wild fauna or goats has increased the number of ticks.

Apply a continuous effective anti-tick insecticide like a Scalibor collar( 3 months )  , Advantix or Certifect ( both each month )

Check regularly and when you find ticks on your pet remove them in the correct manner ; Put on gloves , grab them with a ( tick ) pincer , turn more than 360 degrees in one direction , do NOT pull , the tick will let loose, dispose properly and prevent any contact. ( Body fluids of ticks can infect you through wounds on your skin ! )  Disinfect afterwards and wash hands well . Check location of attachment for a couple of days and inform the clinic when any swelling with redness appears or when your pets shows signs of depression and fever.