Our team

In my high school years I was an active member of the youth farm of my school being the pride owner of ¨Billie ¨, a misbehaving white male goat , numerous chickens , rabbits and my dog Chappie. As a result of this hobby I studied veterinary medicine and worked in Holland for 15 years, the last 10 years in a big group-clinic in Tilburg, in the south of Holland.

In 1999 we decided we wanted a new challenge in life and after spending and enjoying four months in sunny Capetown , South-Africa, we contacted  the Pointer Clinic in Marbella. Since 2001 I live in Marbella with my partner Anouk , three kids Jorn, Maxime and Auke , two dogs, Luna and Panda  and our  cat, Boots. Professionally I am particularly interested in Emergency care , Dermatology and in Internal medicine / ( radio ) diagnostics  , an interest which is well supported by Pointers extensive equipment.

Privately I like sports like tennis and running and, sometimes to their distress, to hang out with my family.

When you visit our clinic you will also see a team with a family structure and attitude, years of experience supported by extensive in house equipment to perform best in the treatment and support of  what is so valuable to us.

team_2DALIT SWEETING, Head Nurse
I have been working at The Pointer clinic since 1995. During that time I have seen, and been part of the clinic’s many changes, culminating in its move to our  new, much more modern & client friendly location.

I am head nurse and my job is to treat and take care of all hospitalized pets, and to assist Andre in all aspects of the job. Working here is very fulfilling and satisfying.

I was born in Israel and   brought up in Brighton, England, but have lived here in Spain since I was 16 years old.  I am now married and have a son. I have a beautiful Belgian Shepard called Rex who we rescued from Triple A animal shelter. He joins me at work most days and feels very at home here.

The team here at Pointer Marbella are like my extended family, we are not just colleagues but great friends, which makes every day working here fun and exiting.


team_3JENNIFER KATZ, Head Receptionist
My name is Jennifer Katz and I am the receptionist at the Pointer Veterinary Hospital Marbella. This was my first job.  I started working here in January 1995 through till May 1999 when I decided to go traveling for 6 months.  Upon my return I worked for a hotel chain for 8 years both here in Marbella and in Paris, France.  In April 2007 Andre contacted me and asked if I would consider returning to work in reception again which I gladly accepted.

I was born in Marbella and have lived here most of my life.  My parents are both Swedish and live here as well.  I went to British schools here so I speak fluent English, Spanish, Swedish and some French. I have together with my boyfriend a very old Golden Retriever cross Cocker Spaniel. Dogs have always been in my life and the day our old man passes we will adopt another.

I love working in the reception as I get to meet and interact with all our clients and their pets.  We have a lovely atmosphere, which makes coming to work great fun.

JONALYN FORMON REYES, Receptionist & Assistant nurse.

I was born in the Philappines, raised in the prvence of Nueva Eaja. I finished my studies 3 years ago and decided to open myself up to new adventures, my aim is to visit at least 1 new country every year. I love to discover new things and new places. I was a little nervous to start working with animals as I was bitten by dogs 3 times when I was younger, now I am very comfortable around all animals big and small.

I have been working here at the clinic since 2017 and it truly feels like home. We treat each other like family, I get to meet new people and lovely animals every day and that makes our every day work happy.