Parasitic Treatments

Parasites to be treated / prevented in Spain

1.Fleas and Ticks ( and mites ) ; is a year-round problem in Marbella , also in ¨winter ¨

Comfortis tablet once a month , kills fleas within the hour and for a month, handy for dogs who have to be washed frequently ( for instance for flea allergy dermatitis ), not registered for ticks but does work against them

Certifect  & Frontline  ; topical application ( Certifect only for dogs ) once a month for fleas and ticks .( Certifect extra potent against ticks and mites ( mange prevention ! )

Advantix ; topical application once a month for fleas , ticks and also mosquitos ( leishmania prevention !)

Advocate ; topical application once a month for fleas , several worms and mites, for this purpose ( mange ) often used for puppies of sensitive breeds to prevent or support treatment of the Demodex and Scabies parasite.

Defendog ; once a month spray for fleas and ticks and also repellent for flies ; NOT FOR CATS !!

2. Worms ; round and tapeworm ; depending on the lifestyle of your pet ( scavenging , fleas) once every 3 months , Cat living in apartment , no outside access , once a year.

Fleas transmit tapeworm !

Heart worm ; Has not been diagnosed often in the Marbella region but appears to be increasing .

Prevention; Once a month a tablet Cardotek or once a year injection with Guardian

3.Mosquitos ; problem in general between April and November especially in the evening hours , when your pet is a resting target. Transmission of Leishmaniosis and Heartworm.

Scalibor collar ( every 3 months ) or Advantix drops ( once a month )