Leishmania Vaccination

Leishmaniosis is a (sub) tropical disease caused by a blood parasite  , present in Spain , which is transmitted by a mosquito and which can cause a crippling disease affecting the skin , eyes and organs and ultimately death . It affects especially dogs but also humans and cats.

This mosquito  feeds itself on your dog mainly in the evening hours during the moments that the dog is in rest / lying / sleeping.( unlikely when the dog is walking )

When clinical disease develops and detection is early enough it can be treated and controlled , but not cured and requires lifelong medication and checkups .

When your dog therefore has a outdoor lifestyle which involves a lot of lying outside , especially in the evening / night , you should consider to vaccinate for Leishmaniosis.

The vaccination program starts ( after a minimum age of 6 months )  with a bloodtest to screen for a negative leishmania test , followed with 3 injections, each 3 weeks apart.Then a yearly update of only 1 injection is required. This vaccination can not be done at the same time as other vaccinations ( min. 2 weeks apart )

When your dog does not have an outdoor lifestyle , he should not be vaccinated , but you should still apply mosquito prevention with for instance a Scalibor collar or Advantix drops and mosquito netting  . This mosquito prevention should also be continued with vaccinated dogs.