We first met Andre about 8 years ago, when we were having problems with our German Shepard , called Max. We had been to numerous vets (I think about 7) before we were lucky enough to meet Andre!
I mean lucky, because my Max had problems most of his 7 years , and no one really understood his problems! Andre , gave him back a quality of life, and he THANKFULLY got to live another 4 years, and most of all , I really believe that Max also trusted him, as much as I and my husband do, also Jake my other GSD, who again Andre really cared for him to the end.

As time has passed, we still have Teddy my Cocker, and we rescued Diva another GSD, who Andre also cares for.

We live in Manilva, and it takes us about 35-40mins to the clinic, and most people cannot understand why we travel up there and question why we do not get a vet around this area ! it is quite simple, when you find a vet , who more than anything you believe and trust, that is totally professional , and is a sincere person , and know that you are putting your animals life in their hands it is well worth that journey!

We have thanked André, many times, and here again We THANK once more, for he is the best vet that we have ever known, and such a sincere caring person. We also would like to Thank Dalit,
Jennifer and Andres family, for always being so kind and nice, and above all professional in everything that they do.

“Luca Brasi almost swam with the fishes”

Last summer my beautiful podenco cross, called Luca Brasi, after a famous character in “The Godfather” swallowed a fish hook on the beach near San Pedro. It was quite late in the evening and I was very worried. I called Dr Andre who asked me to come to his clinic where he would meet me and examine Luca. An X-Ray revealed the hook was in his stomach. At first Andre tried to make him vomit up the hook, but when this did not work, scheduled him for an operation the next morning. He gave Luca anitibiotics and painkillers to help him through the night.

Next day Luca was successfully operated in Pointer Clinic Marbella and the fish hook removed from his stomach. I visited him in recovery, where there were two other dogs hospitalized. One had ingested a deadly amount of poison and the other had swallowed a small ball. All were doing well. My fun with Luca wasn’t over, as he managed to take out his stitches – even though he was wearing the attractive lampshade given to dogs to prevent them gnawing at their stitches – but that is another story.

Luca is a very lucky dog, who has diced with death a few times. Luckily for him – and me – we have Pointer Clinic Marbella on our doorstep. The clinic has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are the best in the world. I can’t thank them enough for saving Luca’s life and looking after my wonderful dogs.